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 Water Protection Package

 Fermaway AB is a Swedish privately owned company that for years has been active with water purification projects mainly in Poland. The company also supplies water purification equipment to Swedish industry.


We have been informed of the rising problem with damages caused by leaking water and the significant costs associated. Only in Sweden there are about 100 000 damages per year and the total costs for these damages amounts to 1 – 1.5 billion EUR. As we have access to both the technical expertise and experience in the electronic and water areas, we have developed a Water Protection Package, FERMEAU® which can significantly reduce the risk of damages from leaking water.


Our goal by developing our Water Protection Package is to achieve that the package should be accessible to all who handle incoming water in any form, whether public or private.

We are providing safe products at low costs and all components are CE certified.

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FERMEAU®, is a preventive protection package against water damage and when the equipment sensor reacts to emerging leakage it turns off the incoming water by closing the motorized ball valve.

The equipment is wireless and is controlled by radio signals. The package can be extended to any numbers of sensors.