FERMEAU® Water Switch Basic Kit

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FERMEAU® is a preventive protection package against damages caused by water leakage.

The equipment works with wireless radio signals with an indoor range of approximately 25 m and 80 m outdoors. Should a water leakage occur a water sensor is activated closing an electric ball valve installed on the incoming water mains. While the ball valve is closed, an audible alarm will sound as long as the sensor remains wet. The ball valve can be opened/closed with a wireless transmitter and if a power failure occurs, the ball valve can be manually operated.

When leaving the house/apartment/room for short or long periods the water supply is turned off, i.e. the ball valve closes, by using the keyfob.

Upon returning a press on the button (marked with an open lock) of the keyfob opens the ball valve. The signals are wireless transmitted to the relay receiver that actuates the ball valve. An open valve is indicated by a red LED light on the receiver.

Any number of leak detectors may be placed at leak sensitive locations such as under sink cabinet, water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee machine and any other risk areas. If leakage occurs the ball valve closes automatically and an alarm sounds as the water around the detector reaches a height of 1 mm. The alarm will sound for as long as the detector remains wet. The leak detector is powered by a 9V battery and when the battery is running low, a signal is heard.

Included in the standard package:

  • 1 motorized ball valve, FKLD20S;
  • 1 wireless receiver, FWRCS101;
  • 1 wireless keyfob, FRC101;
  • 2 leak detectors, FWDTR101, coupled with each one wireless transmitter.

User manual 2015-03-22

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