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FERMEAU® Basic kit

Motorized ball valve FKLD20S

Relay receiver FWRCS101

Wireless keyfob FRC101

Leakage detector FWTR101

GSM Telephone FGSM101

Pressure transmitter FPT101

Junction box FJB101

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FERMEAU® is a preventive protection package against damages caused by water leakage.

The equipment works with wireless radio signals with an indoor range of approximately 25 m and 80 m outdoors
Should a water leakage occur a water sensor is activated closing an electric ball valve installed on the incoming water mains. While the ball valve is closed, an audible alarm will sound as long as the sensor remains wet. The ball valve can be opened/closed with a wireless transmitter and if a power failure occurs, the ball valve can be manually operated.

Principle of Operation:

  • When leaving the house/apartment/room for short or long periods the water supply is turned off, i.e. the ball valve (1) closes, by using the keyfob (3). Upon returning a press on the button (marked with an open lock) of the keyfob opens the ball valve (1). The signals are wireless transmitted to the receiver (2) that actuates the ball valve. An open valve is indicated by a red LED light on the receiver.

Any number of leak detectors (4) may be placed at leak sensitive locations such as under sink cabinet, water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee machine and any other risk areas. If leakage occurs the ball valve closes automatically and an alarm sounds as the water around the detector reaches a height of 1 mm. The alarm will sound for as long as the detector remains wet. The leak detector is powered by a 9V battery and when the battery is running low, a signal is heard.

Included in the standard package: • 1 motorized ball valve (1), FKLD20S; • 1 wireless receiver (2), FWRCS101; • 1 wireless keyfob (3), FRC101; • 2 leak detectors (4), FWDTR101, coupled with each one wireless transmitter (5).

The motorized ball valve FKLD20S, 220VAC, 1″ is soft opening and soft closing, which means that there is no stress on the piping and no “water hammer” when the valve opens. The parts of the ball valve which are in contact with water are made of stainless steel.
The ball valve must be installed on the incoming water mains directly after the water meter and replaces the manual shut-off device on the property side. (The shutoff valve before the water meter belongs to the municipality).
The ball valve is equipped with a manual open/close function for operation in case of power interruption. Manual opening/closing should only be done after the power plug has been unplugged from the wall outlet.
The ball valve is connected to the receiver upon delivery.
Mounting the ball valve may be performed by a certified plumber.

The wireless receiver, (FWRCS101) actuates the ball valve in close/open mode. Each package comes programmed with its own control signal (1 of one million codes available) i.e. the risk of interference from other systems is minimal.

Wireless keyfob (FRC101) closes/opens the ball valve.

The leak detector, FWDTR101, is placed on the floor and/or any location where there is a risk of leaking water. The detector is hard-wired with a wireless transmitter, which is to be mounted on the wall.


The leak detector FWDTR101 uses a 9V battery for power supply. The leak detector consists of two components:

  1. the water detector;
  2. the transmitter which sends a signal to the wireless receiver which in turn controls the ball valve. When the water detector is activated an audible alarm is emitted, which will continue for as long as the detector remains wet.

If leaks When the water level is about 1 mm high and the green surface of the detector becomes wet a 2 seconds long signal is sent to the receiver, which closes the ball valve. A two-tone alarm will sound three times and the LED light on the transmitter will flash. If the detector’s green surface is still wet the alarm sound will continue and the LED light will flash. The alarm will continue to sound until the detector is dry then the alarm stops. For self-control transmitter LED light flashes every 45 seconds.