Motorized Ball Valve FKLD20S

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Kulventil FKLD20S

The motorized ball valve FKLD20S, 230VAC, 1″ is soft opening and soft closing, which means that there is no stress on the piping and no “water hammer” when the valve opens. The parts of the ball valve which are in contact with water are made of stainless steel.
The ball valve must be installed on the incoming water mains directly after the water meter and replaces the manual shut-off device on the property side. (The shutoff valve before the water meter belongs to the municipality).
The ball valve is equipped with a manual open/close function for operation in case of power interruption. Manual opening/closing should only be done after the power plug has been unplugged from the wall outlet.

The ball valve is connected to the receiver upon delivery.
Mounting the ball valve may be performed by a certified plumber.

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